Personal Planning

Financial Planning

As part of the process of creating truly customized solutions for our clients Sterling Futures takes a broader, more holistic approach to the financial planning process. We believe that peace of mind and fulfillment in life are found only when both your resources and values are fully integrated. Consequently, as part of our planning process, we also consider other, non-financial aspects of your life. Our more 'holistic' vision of financial planning sets us apart from other planning firms.

Our financial planning process is broken down into several well-defined areas:

Foundation Building: We help you identify and articulate your values, goals and aspirations.

Financial Assessment: We develop cash flow, spending plan and net worth statements.

Retirement Planning: We project the future at-retirement value of your taxable investments, pensions, IRAs and expected Social Security benefits and make appropriate recommendations.

Education Planning: We offer a college planning capability that is cutting-edge in the financial planning industry. These college planning capabilities offer clear solutions and strategies to help you solve specific college funding dilemmas. Instead of strategies for simply saving for college, these cutting-edge tools and solutions help you actually reduce college costs - no matter what your income level is. 

Portfolio Analysis: We review all your investments and provide recommendations to ensure that your portfolio is optimally designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Insurance Planning: We include a review of your employee benefits and where appropriate your life, disability, property and casualty and long term care insurance coverage.

Tax Planning: We work together with your tax advisor to make sure that you have an integrated tax plan and are not paying more taxes than you need to.

Estate Planning: We review and asess your need for an updated will, trusts and trust services, as well as offer advice on charitable giving.

Portfolio Supervision

We offer Portfolio Supervision services consisting of the development and ongoing administration of a portfolio strategy based on your needs, goals and preferences. We will select from a variety of possible structures and asset managers to provide you with a program tailored for your situation. We can design an investment portfolio of mutual funds, exchange traded funds or directly held stocks and bonds, depending on circumstances.