Our Philosophy

Our role is to provide financial leadership. It is said that a good leader takes people where they want to be, while a great leader takes people where they ought to be. Sterling Futures believes that money is the means, not the goal. While money can assist the achievement of these goals, often there are other ways to achieve them which may have little to do with personal finance, and which are instead related to astute lifestyle choices.

Sterling Futures believes that in our society, there are certain activities undertaken by both professional and financial consumers that are usually harmful to a person's financial health. Financial publications, chat rooms and discussion forums promote investment habits which are at best unproductive and at worst destructive. In addition, much 'financial advice' comes in the form of advertisements, which suggest, in powerful images that happiness and/or fulfillment can be achieved by the purchase of this or that advertised item. Our goal is to help people recognize their individual view of happiness and/or fulfillment, so they can determine which personal expenditures further their progress toward that goal.

Although many of our clients have the intellectual ability to practice investment planning without us, they prefer to use Sterling Futures' investment services because of the value we are able to provide them. We take the emotions out of their decisions and provide the time, experience, resources and passion required for professional money management. In addition, we provide ongoing planning to ensure that their investments continue to serve all their goals and values as described in their financial plan.

Finally, unlike other firms, client contact is not delegated down the hierarchy. At Sterling Futures all client contact is personally handled by Malcolm Greenhill, President of the company.