Financial Planning

Your job is to dream big, our job is find a way to make those dreams a reality. Think of financial planning as a map, a way to get from here to there in a specified time with the fewest detours and obstacles along the way. Everyone has their own milestones to be reached, ambitions to be achieved and needs and desires to be satisfied. However, sometimes we are not clear exactly what it is we want and then a structured process is needed to draw out and articulate our vision for the future including a timeline. We call this process Foundation Building and it is the qualitative aspect of financial planning.

The science of financial planning involves using tools such as cash flows and tax projections, financial products such as mutual funds and insurance and legal solutions such as wills, trusts and foundations. Meanwhile, the art of financial planning, particularly as we practice it, is helping you achieve your goals by integrating your resources and values in such a way that you can also attain peace of mind and fulfillment in life. That is why financial planning is not a product…it’s a process.