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This feature of the Sterling Futures site allows you to access your account positions, balances, transaction history, statements and performance reports. In order to check an account you must have already set up a user I.D. and password. When you click below you will be leave the Sterling Futures website and your browser will take you to SEI's secure site which will lead you through the process of finding your account information. The site also allows you to register on-line as well as offering help to first time users.

Please note that SEI Investments is a registered broker-dealer and is not affiliated with any advisor's names which appear on this website. Sterling Futures is independently owned and operated. SEI neither endorses nor recommends any particular advisor or investment strategy. Sterling Futures provides investment advisory services for your account. SEI has agreements with Sterling Futures, under which SEI provides Sterling Futures with services related to your account. SEI does not review the Sterling Futures website and makes no representation regarding the content of the website. The information contained in the Sterling Futures website should not be considered to be either a recommendation by SEI or a solicitation of any offer to purchase or sell any securities.

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Secure File Transfer

Use this drop box feature to send both small and large files securely (i.e. encrypted) to Secure Futures.

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Access An Online Meeting

Clicking this link will take you to the Mikogo Session Login page. After entering your session ID and first name please click the "Join Session" button.

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